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My Experience

I am currently a senior in high school with the intent on studying computer science in college. I also have a broad range of experience within the engineering field as whole, including work in robotics, web development, and video game design. 


My Skillset

I have a great work ethic and can work well under pressure: producing high-quality work in short periods of time. I have strong interpersonal skills and work with a wide variety of people.


My Passions

Aside from academics, I enjoy playing and listening to music, as well as running. My main events are the 400m and 800m, and I have been doing track and field for three years. In addition, I have played the violin and piano for eight and three years, respectively, and served in numerous orchestras. 



I have extensive experience in leadership positions, having held positions in my community service club, church, and workplace. 

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Jonathan Yin

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